An Open Letter to Those Who Judge This Single Mom

People nowadays are so easy to judge. Whats worst is that those who judge does not even belong to my circle.  
No matter how hard I shake of those thoughts, it keeps bothering me. How do you know if you are a good parent, and how do you measure good parenting? What's the criteria? Why is it so easy for you to judge over issues you know nothing of.
The moment I open my eyes in the morning, my task as a mom begins. I wake my daughter up, piggy back her to the first floor, give her a bath, ready her for school, then send her to school bus before I leave for work. I make sure to check on her every now and then, has she eaten already, did she sleep in the afternoon, is she out playing, is her yaya taking care of her, and the list goes on. After office, I need make sure to ask her how her day was, spend a little time with her, read her a story, put her to bed, and its a continuous cycle.
I do all the thinking, from what to eat in the morning till night, her baon, all the things she nee…

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