Happy Graduation!

March 22, 2018 is the date my daughter finally get to graduate from Senior Kindergarten. Time flew so fast! 2 years ago, here I was enrolling her for nursery, was so emotional that she is about to be on her own, and now, I get to see her finally graduate! I can't believe I will soon have a grade schooler.
Anyway, the school's motif for the Closing Rites 2018 was black and white. And they were really strict about it to the point that parents were not allowed to enter not unless their outfit is aligned with the color motif. Though it was such a hassle for parents, but I guess almost all parents would definitely buy new set of clothes for that event, might as well adhere to the color motif.  And after all, black and white symbolizes simplicity and elegance. 
My daughter's outfit for the event was sewn by a seamstress chosen by the school, and I had to say it was really beautiful. All Senior Kindergarten girls wore the same dress, had the same headband and were asked to tie t…

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