Single mom with a sick kid

An officemate got promoted and this disrupted the whole thing at work, meaning that his position got vacant and upper management needed to fill it in. Being shorthanded, I was the "lucky" pick to fill in. We were given only a week to turnover things and this really made my week a "great" one. Okay, I was being sarcastic. Imagine, a very tight timeline to grasp every little information, quick introductions on clients, and double up work load since I still had my previous accounts to handle. 
I was lucky that this turnover got extended for another week, but sadly this happened. As I reach home, Mikhaila immediately ran to greet me. I settled myself comfortably on the couch and just as I was about to relax, Mikhaila laid down beside me and complained about her stomach ache. With Mikhaila having hospitalized before due to UTI, I made a conscious decision not to shrug away simple symptoms such as this. I immediately gave her a tummy massage and checked her temperature.

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